“I love my work, and this is what counts."

I do it with passion and wholeheartedness.

I enjoy it tremendously because every new project implies discovering new places, meeting new people, setting new goals. I enjoy it because it allows me to be myself, with my sensibility, my criteria, my intuition, my ethics.


I intend that every project be the beginning of something new, it allows me to be opened, see things with clarity, be totally committed, be creative. Obviously my experience is fundamental, however I believe the key is to empathize, to connect with people and see the challenges from within.


I have always believed that the most important aspect of my profession are people, either they are clients, collaborators or professionals of the sector. Any project, construction or analysis, always filters through the sensitivity, professionalism and commitment of the people who take part in it.



We build relationships that last


I believe that, beyond a concrete result, what leaves a lasting impression is the process by which a certain target is reached. And almost always the relationships do not end with achieving a concrete result, but rather we usually keep taking care of our clients, and the confidence and peace of mind by which they relate to us is our best result.


That is why I am so grateful for my work, because in these more than 20 years, I have known many great individuals, very competent professionals, and normally these relationships do not dissolve, but rather endure the test of time.


In the end, this is our wealth



Paolo Setti